The Company has developed and follows its own policy for promotion, advertising, sales and marketing of its products.

The Advisor(s)’ should implement such policy. Under no circumstances, Advisor(s) are allowed to alter or formulate policies. However, Advisors are encouraged to provide inputs and suggestions for the Company’s consideration.

Company does not allow its products to be stored, displayed or sold in wholesale or retail outlets. Each Advisor is expected to report such instances, whenever it comes to their notice along with a note indicating the person / Advisor responsible for and the circumstances behind such instance.

Sale and purchase of the Company’s products amongst Advisors and staff of the Company is not permissible. Upon detection of such instances, strict action shall be taken against the persons involved.

Sale of products at price(s) and in packages other than the one determined and implemented by the Company is strictly prohibited. Acts of sale of products at price(s) other than the prescribed price for competing with other Advisors or otherwise shall be seriously viewed; in such cases Company may terminate Advisor designation of the person(s) found responsible for such act and forfeit their bonus entitlement/arrears.

Advisors are not allowed to carry out their own promotions unless they have written approval from the Company for the same.

The Company designs, prints, publishes and circulates product information, plan and vision related literature for marketing and sales of its products. Advisors are not allowed to deviate there from. Under special circumstances, the Company may allow Advisor(s) to create customised literature and/or advertisement.

However, for this purpose, interested Advisor(s) shall have to submit a detailed plan in advance to the Company for its approval. Unless written approval is given by the Company, none can digress from the form and content of the Company’s literature/policy for promotion, marketing and sales.

On expiry or termination of membership, the Advisor shall remove and discontinue the use of all Company signs, logo and/or any other representations and shall not use any name, signs, label, stationery, product name, copyrights, designs and/or any printed material related to any of the Company’s products. If the above condition is violated, the Company in its discretion may take legal recourse against the errant Advisors.

The Advisor shall provide the following details to the Consumer upon sale of products by the Advisor

  1. the name of the purchaser and seller;
  2. the delivery date of goods or services;
  3. procedures for returning the goods; and
  4. warranty of the goods and exchange / replacement of goods in case of defect.

The Company strictly restricts all Advisors from selling Auretics Products on Retail or E-Commerce Platforms.