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HBP Care - High Blood Pressure Management


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Categories: Fitness
Brand: Auretics
Size: Not Applicable
Ingredients: Composition
Each 100ml contains:
Badam Prunus Amygdalus(Sd) 3.50%
Bel Aegle Marmelos(Lf) 5%
Amlaki Emblica Officinalis(Rt) 3%
Tulsi Ocimum Sanctum(Wp) 2.50%
Chiraita Swertia Chirata(Wp) 3%
Draksha Vitis Vinifera(Fr) 2.50%
Karela Momordica Charantia(Fr) 1.50%
Pipali Piper Longum(Fr) 3%
Excipients Lotion Base Q.S.
Approved preservatives used
Sd=Seed, Lf=Leaf, Rt=Root, Wp=Whole parts, Fr=Fruit
Usage: • Put generous (5-8 spray) amount of HBP Care on your palm.
• Rub your both palm unit it feels dry.
• Put 5 Spray on your palm and rub on sole of your one feet until feel dry and repeat same process
on your other feet, and repeat this process twice in a day before all meal.
Special feature: Benefits
• Keep your blood pressure at healthy level.
• Reduce the risk of heart disease.
• Helps improve memory.
• Improves liver and kidney functionality.
Safety warning: Caution
• Keep out of reach of children
• Not for internal use, it is for external use only.
• If in a case it comes in with contact of your eye or mouth, rinse throughly with water. If condition
persist contact your physician.
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